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Evidenced Based Intuitive Coaching

Evidenced Based Intuitive Coaching

Gain clarity, confidence, and competence. Evidence Based Intuitive Coaching can accelerate you from Awareness to Activation to Achievement. Or, simply put from I can’t. Can I? I can. To I did.

Awareness – Leverage evidenced based intuitive consulting practices to activate, trust, or reconnect with your passion, drive, and creativity. Gain clarity and confidence around your potential and the practical skills and strategies to you
move forward.

Activation - Identify and engage in action and activities to energize and actualize results. Define action steps to transform your vision or manifest your imagination into reality. Leverage your innate superpowers. Face the unknown, have the
conversations, or acquire the skills as you intentionally and deliberate design and implement your path forward.

Achievement – Successfully accomplish your goals and desires. Celebrate as you welcome your journey ahead.

Schedule an initial consultation and follow it up with online or in person sessions.

“Heather is nothing short of genius. I have benefitted from her vast array of advising services in the areas of business, re-imagining the mission of my non-profit, to personal enhancement through both relationship building and romantic partnership closure. Heather brings a state of expanded awareness to the conversation and elevates one's thinking mind. She has been a critical resource for me during a time of unprecedented change, activating those aspects of who I am that I wanted to see, helping me to boldly step into the life I was born to live."

Kim Rose Desrosiers, MEng, RMT, CHt 
Co-Founder, Conscious Heart Institute (CHI)

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