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Everyday Knowings

Are you...

  • Taking on a new leadership challenge?

  • Transitioning jobs or career?

  • Thinking about pursuing your dream?

  • Trying to feel better? Break bad habits or be healthier?

Heather Shea is committed to having you connect to your inner wisdom and intuition to clarify, uncover, or unblock, what you want and how to get there. That job. That relationship. That move. That dream. That energized feeling of truly being inspired loving and living your life and making a difference in the lives of

Whether you are embarking on a leadership challenge at work or reigniting your professional or personal passion Heather can be of assistance. She brings deep intuitive knowing and decades of experience, having coached people on six continents, leaders and teams, household names in business, politics, and
entertainment. She has also held senior executive roles in leading global organizations.

To schedule a free initial consultation and follow it up with online or in-person sessions.

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