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This is what people are saying about the power of working with Heather.


"Nothing short of genius."

"Elevates ones thinking."

"A leading light."

"A phenomenal coach."


Tom Peters

Business guru best known for his seventeen best-selling books including, "In Search of Excellence."

"You have been an inspiration. I have great appreciation and awe for what you are doing. I knew nothing about the puny representation, and underutilized potential, of women in leadership roles in business. Your command launched my 25-year obsession with women's market power and demonstrated leadership excellence."


Jean Houston, Ph.D.

Philosopher, prolific writer, a foremost visionary, and teacher of human potential and development.


"Heather Shea, as you probably know, is one of the leading lights in the field of women's potential being celebrated in business, education, and literature. Heather leads the way in both her brilliance and perspective in the field of women's leadership."

Christy Hirsch.jpeg

Christy Hirsch, Ed.D., MBA

Head of Growth, North America, Blue Systems.


"Heather Shea is a phenomenal coach. Not only does she share her expertise in the traditional approaches to business and professional development, she also helps access other ways of knowing. It's those added dimensions that help Heather stand out from more conventional coaching approaches and deeper wisdom practices to provide a more holistic experience."

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